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Life in the Trash Lane

DMV Class Superlatives

DMV Class Superlatives

Article 7 - April 12, 2019
Written By Crystal & Leah

Because we’re not your ordinary workforce, we turn boring office work into fun blogs! This week, we were updating employee files and noticed quite a few missing or expired driver’s licenses. This was the perfect opportunity to make lemonade out of our most embarrassing photos from the DMV, high school graduation style!

Most likely to…

...wear socks with sandals no matter the season!

Andrew Layer (aka the Ref), part-time seasonal crew

...wear handmade wooden earrings that she crafted herself!

Becky Wren, part-time seasonal crew

….beat you in a dance-off, eat pizza for every meal, run a dude ranch and have the best “promposal!”

Brady Harris, New Crew

….have the most insane ideas come to life and make something really rad out of something ordinary but still forget his dog at a cleanup!

Chad Pregracke, Founder & President

...model as a deer in headlights, bring her own reusable hand towel to work and eat Brussels sprouts for breakfast.

Crystal Milburn, Office Manager & Chad Wrangler in his mom’s basement, use a skateboard as his primary means of transportation and play in a “band.” 

Dan Breidenstein, Multi-Media Specialist & Project Coordinator who has a family and DOES not live in his mom's basement!

...become an accountant/farmer who can fix anything, including your taste buds.

David Post, Ops Coordinator

...forget to turn off the oven/burn the house down!

Derek Mitchell, Safety Manager in a Brawny paper towel commercial!

JB, Ops Manager breakfast for dinner and talk about how wicked it was!

Leah Cafarelli (aka Flair), Marketing Manager & Project Coordinator an Olympic medal in a blinking/staring contest.

Matt Brinkmann, Director of Partnerships

...tell you the Latin name for just about any plant during a hike, learn “that song” on the ukulele and have a spare reusable bag when you forget yours.

Meghan Elgan, Education & Project Coordinator the lottery, lose the ticket, not give AF then become the next president.

Mike Coyne-Logan (aka Coach), Educational Facilitator

….move to the Bahamas and wear dreads but still get her kids to soccer on time.

Shelly Hamm, Financial Manager

…cut a rug to Beastie Boys under the moonlight at 4am, make you tacos when you’re down and laugh at your terrible jokes!

Tammy Becker, Program Director his baby Sweet Potato while eating Lucky Charms.

Eric Louck (aka Yam), part-time, seasonal crew

True Story

This is the true story of 10 full-time river rats, several part-time seasonal river rats and three office folks picked to live on a barge, clean up rivers and their watersheds, work alongside volunteers and have their lives turned upside down. Follow along to find out what happens when people stop being trashy and start getting environmentally savvy!

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