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Top 10 Frozen Pizza Awards

Top 10 Frozen Pizza Awards

Article 6 - March 29, 2019
Written By Crystal Milburn

You might have caught our last blog on plastics for dinner. On the barge, pizza is also what’s for dinner! We’re lucky to have some pretty talented cooks in tow and everyone does their part in the galley, but there isn’t always time for all of that. Many days call for less time cooking and more time working! Below are the top favorite frozen pizzas that may or may not sustain us at all hours of the day some days!

10. CPK’s White Recipe made the list but it’s at #10 because it has won over only one crew member’s heart! Leah loves her garlic and isn’t afraid to say it (or smell it)!!

Photo courtesy of California Pizza Kitchen.

9. Against the Grain cheese pizza - whether you’ve chosen the gluten free life or it chose you, this is the pizza you want!! Crystal, office manager & Chad wrangler, can testify.

Photo courtesy of Against the Grain.

8. Mama Bosso’s sausage was Chad’s favorite until he went overboard and ate too many of them (Chad, overboard? Never!). He’s now taking a hard pass on any and all frozen pizzas (until he’s not, pfffft). Chad has also requested that we talk burritos in the future.

7. Jack’s pepperoni pizza - sometimes it's the simple things in life! This one is a vote from our finance guru, Shelly, and her family. Because office gals have to eat, too. C’mon guys!

6. Margherita pizza (any and all brands) because it just sounds fun! Meghan reports that it’s simple but delicious and Martha Stewart approves.

Photo courtesy of

5. CPK BBQ Recipe Chicken - a great go-to to please all the people! A slice of BBQ pizza in one hand and a *responsibly consumed during our off time* beverage in the other = river rat bliss! #merica

4. CPK Sicilian Recipe - we like to feel “worldly” every now and then and some days that means finding a message in a bottle from Paris, IL or dressing up like leprechauns and other days it means eating Sicilian pizza!

Yam, thinking pensively about his Lucky Charms while en route to an Alternative Spring Break 2018 performance.









3.  Mama Bosso hot mama pizza for Derek because he’s a hot mama who loves habanero dinero.

2. “I love Urban Pie Pizza Co.’s pesto and fresh mozzarella because who doesn’t love pesto??????? Pesto makes everything taste DELIZIOSO!!!!!!!!”

- Barge mom and excitement enthusiast, Tammy

Photo courtesy of Urban Pie Pizza Co.

1. Leah's triple threat DIY pizzas take the pie! They aren’t frozen but they could be frozen...and then sold on the black pizza market. They’re THAT good! Her hat trick lineup includes veggie + pesto + mozzarella (she and Tammy’s taste buds are BFFs), BBQ chicken and chicken fajita. One bite and you’ll be hooked!

Our Irishman, Yam, would like to note that he appreciates any and all pizza, “Someone took the time to buy it, I’ll take my time to appreciate it.” If we were giving out politically correct kindness awards, Yam would be the clear winner!

Butch’s Premium Pizza out of Morton, IL gets an honorable mention and we’re probably forgetting other local frozen pizzas we’ve come across in our river adventures. What are your favorite frozen pizzas?


Please consume responsibly. Not responsible for any pizza hangovers. Not valid on any other barges. Residents of the US and Canada may be at risk of overindulging. Not in association with Pi Day.

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