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Life in the Trash Lane

This is the true story of 10 river rats picked to live on a barge, clean up rivers and their watersheds, work alongside volunteers and have their lives turned upside down. Follow along to find out what happens when people stop being trashy and start getting environmentally savvy!

Living Lands & Waters is cleaning up America’s waterways by removing anything that shouldn’t be there.
Find out how you can help support this colossal logistical effort and create ecosystems we can all be proud of.

From phone cases to dog toys - take a look at this stellar list of five companies that advocate for the environment.

June 5th was World Environment Day! And, in celebration, we think it’s important to share a few of the positive current events happening around the world. We like wins, big and small, and we’re always happy to cheer on our planet!

Let Chad tell ya 'bout the birds (butterflies) and the bees and the (wild)flowers and the trees in his first ever blog! He wants to know what you think after you check it out!

There must be something in the water **other than** tires and trash…the love barge strikes again! Blog written by Chad’s wife, Tammy, another barge connection!

Remember MTV Cribs? This is our version! Click through to learn more about fish cribs and why they were a necessary addition to Lake Decatur!

Removing trash from our rivers and watersheds is just part of the solution. The other big challenge is disposing of it in a way that diverts as much of it as possible from landfills.

Check out the top environmentally friendly social media accounts we’d marry if we could! How cuuuute would our trash babies be????

Have you ever wondered what kind of trash we find in America’s rivers? Well, if so, you’re not alone! We started tracking things like pounds of trash removed and sh!t we find tracing back to the beginning (1998). Plastic bottles are, by far, the number one thing we remove (see more information on an upcoming volunteer event at the bottom of the page!) but there are a variety of other items that might make you go, hmmm.

Being a Living Lands & Waters crew member is much more than a full-time job; it’s a fast-paced, whirlwind lifestyle. The month of March completely proves this. We throw our hands up and dive face first into our work every single day.

Because we’re not your ordinary workforce, we turn boring office work into fun blogs! This week, we were updating employee files and noticed quite a few missing or expired driver’s licenses. This was the perfect opportunity to make lemonade out of our most embarrassing photos from the DMV, high school graduation style!

You might have caught our last blog on plastics for dinner. On the barge, pizza is also what’s for dinner! We’re lucky to have some pretty talented cooks in tow and everyone does their part in the galley, but there isn’t always time for all of that. Many days call for less time cooking and more time working! Below are the top favorite frozen pizzas that may or may not sustain us at all hours of the day some days!

Have you heard of the latest diet craze? Plastics and microplastics are ending up on our dinner plates and in our drinking glasses. Ours and our wildlife friends, too. Find out how this is happening and what you can do to reduce your plasticalories!

Do you find yourself overwhelmed at a store with all of the options for cheese, vegetables, fruits or breads? Have you ever wondered why everything, even fresh produce, is wrapped in plastic? Or how you can leave the store with less plastic in your shopping cart? If so, then this blog is for you!

It’s true that some things aren't always as they seem. The Coach has another perspective of how things have gone down at the Freshwater Mussels Gym and he’s not too happy about it!! Click through to this week’s blog to get the *other* side of the story. Do you favor muscle power or mussel power???

February is here and we don’t want to see those New Year’s resolutions slipping away, so check out this week’s blog for some fitness motivation straight from the Freshwater Mussels Gym on the barge!! #LifeInTheTrashLane

Hello! We are Living Lands & Waters and we’re living life in the trash lane. Our number one job is to leave America’s rivers cleaner than we found them while educating students about the environmental impacts of waste. Welcome to our new blog!

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